Relaxing at Underwater World Pattaya


Underwater World is a great place to spend your day-off with your family and friends in Pattaya. With plenty of interesting activities, Underwater World ensures to bring you relaxing experiences.

It is a fun experience for both adults and children to see the many species of colorful fish and corals housed in the fish tanks and to walk through the over 100 meter long glass tunnel through the aquarium, a chance to get very close to marine animals as sharks, stingrays and many species of colorful tropical fish.

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Ray Pool

Near the entrance is the Ray Pool that contains fish as starfish, bamboo shark, blue spotted ray and archer fish. A second pool houses species as sea star, sea cucumber and bamboo shark.

Feeding the Koi fish

At the Koi pond children will enjoy feeding the white and orange Koi fish.

Next meet the green sea turtle, a very large species of turtle that can travel thousands of miles in the sea and grow up to 80 years old. The Cylinder Tank houses fish as the brightly orange colored blood parrot cichlid.

Colorful tropical fish and corals

Several tanks and aquariums house various species of corals and tropical fish like the angelfish, a very colorful species of fish with a round and flat body which allows them to hide in narrow spaces.

The butterfly fish, with its beautiful bright yellow and orange colors lives in the coral reefs of tropical oceans as does the lionfish, a beautiful tropical fish with red and white bands and large, spiky fin rays.

Coral Reef Zone (via

Other tanks house fish as moray eel, scorpion fish, sea horses, tang fish with their very bright colors as yellow and blue and the colorful clownfish as well as beautiful corals. Don’t miss the giant crab and the lively Asian small clawed otters, the smallest otter species in the world.

Walking through the sea in the glass tunnel

Highlight of Underwater World Pattaya is its glass tunnel. Walking through the 105 meter long acrylic glass tunnel visitors experience the illusion of walking on the ocean floor surrounded by thousands of fish of many different species including sharks, stingrays and giant groupers. As the fish swim right next to you and overhead you get to see the fish from all angles.

Coral Reef zone, Open Ocean zone and Giant of Siam zone

The tunnel is divided in the Coral Reef zone, Open Ocean zone and Giant of Siam zone.

In the Coral Reef zone you will see several species of colorful corals and many tropical fish like shoals of giant trevally.

Meet sea species as black tip reef sharks, eagle rays, black-botched rays, fat nurse sharks and shovel-nose rays in the Open Ocean zone.

The Giant of Siam zone houses an artificial ship wreck which serves as shelter for marine animals. This zone houses species as the arapaima, a very large freshwater fish that can grow to a length of 15 feet.

Aquarium staff make visitors’ photos in the glass tunnel which you can buy at the shop near the exit.

Underwater World Pattaya (via


Quite unique is Underwater World’s section with tanks containing different species of jellyfish with lighting in several colors.

Many species exist ranging in size from just centimeters to very large like the lion’s mane jellyfish which body can grow up to several meters and tentacles up to 37 meters long. A particularly remarkable species is the immortal jellyfish, a jellyfish that can re-generate itself making it biologically immortal.

Feeding times

Several times a day visitors can watch how the fish are being fed by Underwater World staff. Feeding times are:

Otter tank

10 am and 2.30 pm

Coral reef zone

10.30 am and 3 pm

Shark & ray zone

11 am and 4 pm

Giant of Siam zone

11.30 am and 3.30 pm

Diving with the sharks and rays

A unique experience and a chance to come up very close to fish as giant groupers, sharks and stingrays is to take a dive in the Coral Reef zone or the Shark & Ray zone. After receiving instructions, you will dive in the aquarium with a diving instructor.

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