Relax at Ramayana Water Park Pattaya


One of the most attractive places to see in Pattaya is Ramayana Water Park. Coming here, you have the opportunity to take part in many interesting activities.

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At the park you will find a large number of breathtaking slides including some of the longest in the world and several unique rides like the Python and the Aquaconda, a wave pool, a lazy river, two kids’ areas, restaurants, a Thai massage area and several other attractions.

Ramayana is clean and well kept. There are sun loungers sheltered by parasols all over the park. Life guards are on duty at each ride and at the pools.

The park is located in a scenic area in the country side with great views of the surrounding green hills and a lake.

21 Water slides

At Ramayana you will find 21 water slides including some of the longest and biggest in the world and four that you won’t find in any other water park in Thailand.

The park offers a good variety of slides for all ages and levels of bravery. Ride them as often as you want and get one adrenaline boost after the next. For safety reasons riders need to be over 122 centimeters tall to ride the adult slides.

Warm up with the Spiral, Serpentine & River Slide

Get started with the Spiral, the Serpentine and the River Slide, three fun rides to warm up for the most thrilling rides.

Slide down in a single or double tube through the mostly closed Spiral or the Serpentine, a slide that is half open and half closed, and end up in the pool. The River Slide ends up with a splash in the Lazy Wavy River.

Ramayana Water Park (via pattayatoday)

Feel the ground disappearing from under your feet

Get an adrenaline boost at two of Ramayana’s many thrilling rides.

Start with the Aqualoop, a spectacular ride where you will literally feel the ground under your feet disappear after which you race through a 360 degree loop and splash into the pool.

Next try the Freefall. Standing in a capsule the floor disappears from under your feet and you race down.

Some of the longest rides in the world

One of a kind in Thailand, the Duelling Aqua Coasters is one of the longest rides in the world. Seated in a double tube race friends along a 230 meter long ride through two adjoining Aqua Coasters.

Up to four riders in a raft will experience unparalleled thrills and excitement in the Python and the Aquaconda, two more very huge rides that cannot be found anywhere else in Thailand.

Other rides

The ride in the Boomerango, another exciting water slide, ends on an almost vertical wall of water and then into the pool. Lying on a mat race friends to the finish in one of the four lanes of the Mat Racer.

Pools and the Lazy River

After the excitement of the water slides relax at one of Ramayana’s pools. At each pool you will find sun loungers shaded by parasols.

The parks largest pool, the Double Wave Pool has a 150 meter long beach. One half of the pool has large waves, the other gentle waves.

The Relax Pool is a bubble pool with a bar serving various drinks.

Play sports as water volleyball or do aerobics at the large Activity Pool, or enjoy the jacuzzi on either end.

Swim or float in a tube down the Lazy Wavy River, a 500 meter long winding river with geysers, waves, water bubbles, waterfalls and a cave.

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Aqua Play & Aqua Splash for children

Ramayana Water Park has two large ares for children, the Aqua Play and the Aqua Splash. Here children can enjoy smaller water slides, water jets and sprinklers and things they can climb on and splash around in.

Other attractions

Take a River Walk to the Floating Market and enjoy some fruit juice or a snack brought to you from a long tail boat, find your way out of the Green Maze labyrinth or check out the fruit and herbs garden on Lake Island.

For some total relaxation, enjoy a Thai massage at the massage area next to the Double Wave Pool.

Food, drinks & ice cream

Food and drinks are available to all tastes. Head for one of the restaurants that serve a wide selection of both Western and Thai food or have your order delivered to your chair or private cabana.

There are plenty of ice cream and snack kiosks around the park as well as several bars including one in the Relax Pool.

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