Experiencing at 360 Rooftop Bar


360 Rooftop Bar at Millennium Hilton is possibly one of the best rooftop bars in Bangkok but surprisingly one of the least talked about. 31 floors might not be as high as some famous buildings in the city, but what the Hilton lacks in stature, it more than makes up with a view that surpasses almost all other rooftops.

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The bar consists of two distinct areas: One is a large rectangular open air space covering the entire middle part of this tall riverside building, and the other part, as the name suggests, is an amazing 360 degrees cupola balanced one floor above. It really looks like a gigantic flying saucer has landed on the edge of the Millennium Hilton tower and the views from this indoor panoramic bar are fantastic.


360 Rooftop Bar ( via Wilsontravelblog.com)
Surprisingly the 360 panoramic bar is often quite empty. People seem to be intimidated by the luxury of the Hilton, which they often associate with expensive drinks. Interestingly many would flock and pack with no hesitation at the Sky Bar at Lebua across the river where prices are very similar if not higher than the Hilton. Millennium Hilton is laid back yet feels sophisticated and the easiest way to enjoy the early evening is to first sit at one of the comfortable sofas on the open rooftop and contemplate the views on each side of the tower… It’s a great feeling to relax above a frantic city while enjoying some great wines and soft music, getting a childish satisfaction in being on top of the world.

What to do

The sun sets in the back of the building and doesn’t offer a great photo opportunity in itself, but the ever-changing colors of the sky are a fascinating spectacle. The wines and cocktails complement the mood and with a drinks list as long as your arm, there is plenty to pick from. If price appears high, don’t worry, the servings are generous, meaning you’ll only need one or two to enjoy an evening here. On certain days you can even treat your loved one to a luxury rooftop picnic with a picnic hamper full of treats prepared by a chef, using great ingredients, fois gras and imported meats and cold cuts.This is of course should be accompanied with Champagne, perfect to surprise your partner with a very unusual evening. On special days such as Valentine’s, it is even a unique spot to admire the fireworks on the river,just pretend you are the one who organized it. Never fails to impress.

360 Rooftop Bar ( via majorsensations.spotblog)

Don’t miss the cupola, it’s a very different atmosphere with dark tones, dimmed lights and soft carpets, but mostly it boasts incredible view of the Chao Phraya River at the very feet of the hotel. The effect is accentuated by the angle given to the very large panoramic windows; you can literally look down the building. From there, the life on the river is fascinating, with all kinds of ships and boats going up and down the stream and tiny shuttles navigating their way from one riverbank to another.

If you happen to be familiar with Bangkok, it becomes even more interesting to see the many buildings you can barely see from the road: The fascinating old Bangrak Fire Station and other Sino Portuguese buildings, the Assumption Cathedral of Bangkok, the beautiful First Siam Commercial Bank and even the cute and normally invisible Embassy of Portugal. Take a peek from the top into the luxury lifestyle of the Mandarin Oriental and Sheraton hotels built along the river. It’s a fascinating place to spend a couple of hours at the end a long day with a chilled glass of something nice. Let the daylight fade away with the tiredness and enjoy the sensation of being the king of the world for a couple of hours.

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